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Housing development in Nuuk, Greenland.


A lot has happened since the first panels arrived in September 2017.

The 360 ​​m² 3-storey villa is made with DC’s thermopanel which are used both as walls and roof.

DC-Thermopaneler is made of inorganic material that prevents the emergence of rubbin and sponges, which is a well-known phenomenon in Greenland.

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Lecture at Aalborg University


One of DC System’s owners Allan Andersen was invited by Aalborg University to an Inspiration Day at the university with approx. 60 other economic operators in the North of Jutland.

Here Allan Andersen held a lecture about “Development & Research Cooperation with AAU – Pros and Cons”.

During a long period, DC-System has had the pleasure of cooperating with Aalborg University.

DC-System believes that collaboration with universities is particularly important for small businesses in the lower populated areas of Denmark, in order to attract skilled labor, but also to open the eyes of the students for “what we can in lower populated areas”.

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DC-System delivers 564 m2 thermopanels for a summerhouse in Blokhus

DC-System Insulation has supplied 564 m² of load-bearing thermos panels for a summerhouse project in Blokhus.

It is a 230 m² one-storey house, where the wall panels are the load-bearing structure in the house.

The 20 cm slim construction compared to traditional construction, gives 18 m2 more interior space.

The panels make up all the exterior walls of the house, and the 71 wall panels were raised in just 2 days, after which it is ready for mounting roof panels. This allows the house to close quickly and the internal work is continued independently of the weather.

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New cooling storage takes shape at Novo Nordisk in Hillerød

When the building is completed, DC-System has delivered and fitted approx. 2,000 m² insulation panels for the cold store, which has an internal room height of 11 meters.

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DC-System takes part when Nomeco builds


DC-System Insulation A/S participates when Nomeco is currently building their new drug store in Køge, from which the entire Northern European market is to be covered. Northern Europe’s largest and most advanced warehouse for pharmaceuticals is being built in Køge.

It is a 30-meter high building of 25,000 m2. The building has to accommodate over 55,000 pallets with space for pharmaceuticals for an enormous amount of money. The warehouse will have a fully automatic high storage. Here is a 30 meter high fire-separating wall that DC-System Insulation A / S has insulated. In addition, our work contains of a large terminal building, which includes refrigeration, freezing and place of delivery. Approx. 6,500 m2 sandwich panels were used for the project.

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Rooms for maturation for bananas and stonefruits

The major importer of fruit and vegetables, Total Produce Nordic A / S, has decided to move to the Scandinavian Transport Center in Køge.

Here we build DS Flexhal banana mood room and maturing room for stone fruit and our own packing facility. The order includes delivery and installation of approx. 8,000 m2 mineral wool panels.

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Contractor A. Enggard expands facility in Svenstrup

Entrepreneursfirma A. Enggaard extends their facilities at their domicile in Svenstrup.


It is a 2 storey building of 10 x 30 m. DC-System’s Thermo panels have been selected for roof and facade solutions.

The constructed steel structure is insulated with 225 mm Thermo panels on roof and 200 mm on facades. All panels are EI30 approved.

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Visit from MTH


In week 18, we visited our long-standing partner and door supplier MTH (Italy). They manufactures hinged doors and sliding doors up to 150 mm in thickness, insulated office doors and swing doors for production facilities, mini refrigeration rooms and frost rooms, air-cooled compressor aggregates for various applications and monoblock refrigeration units for small cold rooms and frost rooms.
Technical and commercial specialists from MTH had made a two-day hands-on workshop where sales staff and technicians at DC-System got the opportunity to test new MTH products and discuss technical and commercial details.

We greatly appreciate the visit and support of our supplier MTH.

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DC-System delivers and mounts panels on NOVI in Aalborg


DC-System supplies and fits approx. 600 m2 panels for the movable steel structure on the roof and a facade.

The roof and facade must be open so that antennas and test equipment can get free radiation to the sky. The building is a new antenna laboratory for Aalborg University and Intel, which NOVI performs with A. Enggaard A/S.

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