07.04.22 HimmerLand Golf expands during this summer with a huge modern sports facility of 20,000 m2.
In addition to the 4 indoor paddle courts, 2 outdoor courts as well as tennis / and street football courts will be built.
DC-System delivers and installs 3000 m2 of facade panels for the 2 indoor halls, and the project is carried out in close collaboration with main contractor Erhverv og Bolig Byg A / S and client Himmerland.
Here we will continuously show the progress of the project.
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Culture house in East Greenland

13.01.22 Another fantastic project in Greenland is now complete. 
DC-System has supplied DC-Thermopanels for wall and roof. 
The culture house was built in East Greenland in the city of Tasiilaq, 
and the primary purpose of the house is to offer everyone, especially young people, 
a physical setting where you can meet about the Greenlandic culture.
You can read more about this exciting culture house by clicking on this 
link: https://bygtek.dk/artikel/byggeri/nu-bner-nyt-arktisk-kulturhus-for-unge-i-stgrnland
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04.11.21 We are proud of our projects in Greenland. DC-System has for these projects been chosen as a supplier of DC-Thermopanels for walls and roofs.
The panels' super insulating properties minimize the consumption of energy for heating, and at the same time the panels are made of inorganic material that prevents mold and fungus in the construction.
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08.09.21 Do you have any demands for your panel supplier?
As a manufacturer and supplier of insulation panels, we know that today there are ever greater demands on both quality and delivery security.
We are proud to have been awarded the AAA Gold Diploma of Highest Creditworthiness for the 14th year in a row. 
It gives both our customers and suppliers a high degree of security, and another reason to choose DC-System as a partner.
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New school in Nuuk

20.08.21 DC-System is proud to be chosen as a supplier of exterior walls for Nuuk's new school.

For walls, DC-System’s highly insulated, thin Thermopanels are used, which due to the narrow clearings ensure good light incidence and protect against the extreme Greenlandic cold.

DC-Thermopaneler ensures super insulation of the buildings, so that the heat demand is minimized for the benefit of both the customer and the climate.
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DSV Hedehusene

01.07.21 We are almost done with 3 large freezers for DSV Hedehusene 2.
In total, the floor area will be approx. 1200 m², and after the summer holidays we will return to make a 2400 m² cold store.

The project is a total of 9600 m² panels, and the rooms are 12 meters high from the finished floor to the underside of the ceiling.
In the 3 rooms, we also lay out the floor membrane and floor insulation adapted to the client's shelving systems.
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Sandwich panels with locks

23.03.21 We do not do a 7-year review on all cold room and freezer projects, but the opportunity presented itself in connection with other 
measurements when we visited Jensen Bread in Aalborg a few weeks ago. 
Here we performed a thermographic measurement on the PUR panels that we installed in 2014, and the result was nothing short of perfect!

If you would like to see more thermographic images, you are very welcome to contact us.
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Low temperature and ultra-low temperature freezer solutions

06.01.21 While the world is working at hard and fast to distribute COVID-19 vaccinations, DC-SYSTEM INSULATION A / S is ready to offer a helping hand. It is strictly necessary to transport and store many of these vaccinations at ultra-low temperatures between -40 ° C and -80 ° C, not to impair the effectiveness of the vaccines, and with over 40 years of experience in the refrigeration and freezing industry, we are ready with our full capacity to design and build temperature-controlled cold stores that can be used to store vaccines as low as -80 ° C.
We work with several of the world’s leading refrigeration installers, all of whom have extensive experience in building refrigeration systems for the purpose.
Contact us for further information and feel free to send us an inquiry about the specially designed ULT freezer warehouse you need.

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Together we are stronger

18.11.20 Together we are stronger!

At DC-System, we are, as always, ready for change - this of course also applies in these Corona times!

At this moment our company is divided in two due to the new restrictions, but we are always ready to help you with everything.

Take a look at www.dc-system.dk 💻or give us a call at: +45 98624200 📞
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