Skare Food

20.04.20 When establishing a new cold storage room for Skare Food, great demands were placed on both materials and delivery time.

DC-System has supplied and installed fire-approved PUR insulation panels for the project, and thanks to a good cooperation between our skilled installers and other contractors in the field, the cold room is ready and ready for occupancy at the agreed time.

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New elephant plant in Knuthenborg Safari Park

02-03-2020 DC-System has been selected as the contractor for the new building for the 4 former circus elephants, who can soon enjoy their otium in the new 2242 m² elephant barn and the surrounding outdoor areas.

DC-System is chosen as a supplier of facades and roofs, where our highly insulated sandwich panels are designed to ensure a constant temperature for the elephants.

The new facility will be located in Knuthenborg Safari Park, where the citizens can enjoy the sight of the beautiful animals and the amazing building they will be living in.

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Concrete factory in Nuuk

29-11-2019 DC-System was chosen as the supplier of insulation panels for facades and roof for the 930 m² concrete factory in Nuuk, which will soon be ready for use.

DC-System was in a very early stage of the project in dialogue with the main contractor, which provided the optimal opportunity to advise, so the customer got the best possible end result.

Due to high insulation and fire requirements, 240 mm mineral wool panels have been used for the current 8.20 m high facades for the current project. The insulation in the roof is 200 mm mineral wool, and the panels for the 9.20 m long roof surface are delivered in full length.

The contractor had hired one of our skilled supervisors to help with the installation of the panels.

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Freezing tunnels

12.11.2019 DC-System Insulation A/S is one of the leading manufacturers of panels for wall, ceiling and floor for freezing tunnels, cabinets for spiral freezers and IQF freezer etc.

All our panel houses are individually produced to meet our customers demand.

Examples of DC sandwich panels for tunnels:

  • Fully welded panels (panels coated with 1-2 mm stainless steel with a joint for welding)
  • In the fully welded wall panels the holes for doors are integrated
  • Hygiene solution in the bottom of the panels which allows water and dirt easily to run from the surface of the panels to the floor without running into the panels
  • Floor panels with slope which make it possible to have a slope inside the house even when the concrete foundation is in level
  • Floor with built-in reinforced load points which allow heavy load from the machineries
  • Reinforced wall panels (a stainless steel plate placed inside the panels between foam and the outer steel plate which allow equipment to be erected directly against the wall panels)
  • Several different possibilities of inside and outside surfaces
  • Prefabricated recess in the top of the wall panels for mounting of ceiling panels and free foam in the bottom to avoid cold bridges.
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Aalborg harbor

26.09.2019 We are currently completing a 500 m² cold storage room and a 100 m² freezing room at the Port of Aalborg. In a few days the project is ready for delivery.

The rooms are built with walls and ceiling in 200 mm PIR panels – with an EI60 fire classification. In addition, underfloor heating and floor panels with non-slip phenol coating are supplied in the freezer compartment. In addition to this, gates and doors are also mounted, so that both rooms are ready for use on delivery.

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House construction in Ballerup.


DC-System has been chosen as a supplier of walls and roof for 28 new homes in Ballerup.

The housing association’s criteria were the desire for low energy consumption and rapid contruction of the new buildings, which among other things is met by DC-System’s unique locking system, which ensures tight joints between panels. Futhermore, there is minimal risk of mold and similar in the chosen construction.

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Klarup Waterworks


The danish city, Klarup, is growing and therefore the local waterworks need extra capacity in order to meet the increasing demands.

DC-System has supplied facades for the new plant, and right now the final installation of this interesting building is taking place.

The building is future-proof, since the semi-circular shape allows for extension with an extra section that can contain another tank.

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