In 1973 DC-System was founded by the brothers Vagn and Villy Andersen, who started production of sandwich panels up to lengths of 3.0 m. on a property in Nysum in Himmerland.

The panels are used for cold storage/compartment within the food industry.

DC-System startede i Nyssum i 1973
About a year after the company started, DC-System received its first export order to Ghana in Africa, and DC-System delivered a cold room to Ghana Airways. Since then the company has exported systems to more than a 100 countries. The export share from Denmark is approximately 75%.
The years went with the implementation of customized orders, as well as new development of different panel types.
The production premises became too small and in 1981, DC-System moved to a new factory in Aars, where a new production facility started to operate.
Panels, in the new production plant, are produced up to 9.23 m in length.
Improved efficiency and product development have always been in focus and in 1985 DC-System achieves, as the first company in the world, a fire class approval BD60 on PUR panels.
DC-System expands again with a new production facility that produces panels in lengths up to 12.3 m.
DC-System is assigned another fire class approval, MK (Class 1 approval) on PUR panels.
Market and demand for DC-panels are growing in Southern Europe, and to be close to the customers DC-System establishes a production plant in Villamuriel de Cerrato, Spain.
DC-System establishes a production line for the manufacture of trapezoidal profiled steel plates used for roofs and external facade cladding.
The markets in South America and the Caribbean Islands have increased and DC-System establishes a sales office in Cuba. The office facilities in Aars becomes too small and to give employees good working conditions DC-System built a new administration building in 1999.
The generational change of the brothers Vagn and Villy Andersen starts with Vagn Andersen’s sons Allan and John Andersen.
Since the early 1990’s, as part of the DC-System, Allan Andersen has been engaged in sales and carrying out projects and John Andersen with finance and accounting.
In 2009, Vagn and Villy Andersen chose to retire and enjoy their retirement.
The company is classified as fire class B-S2, D0 on PUR panels.
DC-System Insulation A/S and DC-system Ibericca S.A. obtain CE marking in accordance with standard.
The sandwich panels have obtained EN 14509 as the product is now tested and approved according to European standards and guidelines.
DC-panels meet current standards in building materials.
Because of this, we have achieved a recognized product through constant product development, ongoing progress and testing.

The company achieves yet another fire class BS1D0, on PUR panels.

In order to meet our International customers’ demand for complete refrigeration/frost buildings, the business area expands to include design, and supply industrial refrigeration equipment.

The DC-Systems Thermo Panel is tested and tested at DBI and achieves a good order REI30.

The DC-Systems Testhouse at Nordvestvej in Aars is completed.
It is a detached house in two floors, where the construction in bearing walls, roof panels and slap insulation are 225 mm. thermo-panels. DC Thermo-panels achieved The Danish Indoor Climate Label.

The DC-system celebrates the first 40th anniversary in the company’s history and the DC-System Spain celebrates its 25th anniversary on the Spanish market.