Project Description

In 2015 DC-System built a DC-Test House.
An energy-efficient house of 115 m², consisting of 285 m² self-supporting DC-Thermopanels. The house is built as a low energy class 2020.

The house itself was built in just 7 days.It is equipped with windows and doors with energy class A and a facade system without visible screws and traditional roofing tiles.
The panels are not vulnerable to precipitation during the assembly phase and there is minimal maintenance on the house in the future. Mould and fungus are not possible in the design as there are no organic materials. The house is built with DC-Thermopanels, which is 46% thinner than traditional cavity exterior walls, which provides 17.2 m² extra in the living room and on the 1st floor. The panels are approved as REI 30 (load-bearing walls) of DBI and have been tested by Delta for sound with a sound absorption of 36-38 dB. The panel also constitutes the vapor barrier.

In collaboration with DC-System, Aalborg University has made indoor climate measurements and tests at the test house.