The core areas of the DC-system are panels for cold storage, freezing rooms, industrial and agricultural buildings.

The DC-Thermo panel is used for insulation in buildings and residential areas.

The surfaces of the DC insulation panels are performed entirely in accordance with the customers‘wishes and requirements, and is used for example in:

  • Steel Plates
  • Fiberglass
  • Cement-bound particle boards
  • Gypsum or wood panels
  • Prepared for plaster

– Only the imagination sets the limit for use and appearance.

By using DC insulation panels in buildings, you achieve:

  • Excellent insulation performance
  • Small wall thickness – slimm construction
  • Vapour barrier built-in panel
  • High strength and good stability
  • Quick and easy mounting due to embedded eccentric locks
  • Hygienic surfaces,easy to clean.
  • Design that does not absorb moisture
  • Construction that is not attacked by rot and fungus

The insulation panels are produced in thicknesses between 60 and 250 mm-in lengths up to 12.3 metres.