Terms of sale and delivery 


  1. Quote and order Confirmation


Where nothing else is stated, any offer will only apply one month from the date of the offer to be counted.


Only orders that are in writing confirmed are binding on the DC System.


Orally agreed changes to the specifications of the products or parts of the order shall be confirmed in writing by the DC System for validity.


Catalogues, brochures, drawings etc. Specified descriptions and illustrations must be considered as approximation and are not connected to the DC System. DC System reserves the right to make changes to this in line with technical progress without prior notice.

  1. Prices


Prices apply ex-works if there are no other written agreements.

  1. Payment Terms


Net cash, where nothing else is available in writing.


If the due date for payment is exceeded, 2% is paid per Starting month in interest.

  1. Shipping and insurance


Buyer takes over the risk under Incoterms.


DC System determines the shipping method if they need to arrange for shipping.


The buyer is obliged to check immediately after delivery to verify that the packing slip and delivery are equivalent to the order placed, and shall without undue delay give the DC System notice of any discrepancies between the quantity ordered and the delivery made. Loss due to defective control or late complaint is DC System unauthorised.


Transport and storage after the time of delivery, ex-factory, is at buyer's responsibility and risk in all respects.

The buyer must store delivered goods appropriately and protected from overloading. The buyer undertakes to keep the provided insured, including storm and fire damage, as well as to take out insurance against any conceivable result of the destruction or damage, including insurance against direct and indirect losses.

  1. Delivery times


Delivery is subject to strike, lockout or force majeure, including the failure to supply from the sub-contractors of DC Systems, based on similar conditions as shown in the front. The delivery time is counted from the day on which the details of the delivery have been agreed in writing.


Exceeding the delivery time which is not demonstrably due to imputable negligence on the part of the DC system does not entitle the purchaser to rely on the delay as a default, and thus the buyer may not withdraw from the contract, claim damages, or make Other legal effect, hvorhos the buyer shall not be exempted from compliance with the terms of payment, irrespective of the delivery time.


For consequential damages, including loss of profits, loss or other indirect loss due to delivery delay, DC System assumes no liability.


Buyer does not purchase the delivery at the agreed time of delivery, the payment must be made, which was the delivery subcontracted.

  1. Drawings and descriptions


Drawings or other information provided by DC System shall remain the property of DC-system. The material may not be reproduced, copied or disclosed to a third party without the written consent of DC system.

  1. Mounting


Installation is to be carried out collectively, i.e. Without any significant delays from other contracts.


For DC Systems, appropriate lighting and electrical sockets must be provided immediately at the workplace (220v – 10a for hand tools) and truck/crane for reading from truck, Max. Collivægt 2,500 kg.


The installation site must be clear and easily accessible, including a truck and trailer.


If the conditions set out in the preceding 7.1 to 7.3 are not met, the DC System shall be entitled to carry out the necessary works for the buyer's expense and risk, either by its own measure or through third parties, and the costs must be invoiced to the purchaser.

  1. Returned goods


Returned goods are only received by prior written agreement.

  1. Guarantee


For one year after the delivery time, parts which are demonstrably during this period, as a result of detectable material, design or workmanship, are found to be ubrugbare, either renewed or, at the discretion of DC systems, repaired at DC Systems factory. The buyer is in Ovennnævnte time barred from making other remedies applicable. This is true even if the error is caused by the failure of the DC Systems page.


The above provisions do not apply to the extent that the damage is caused by natural wear and tear, faulty operation or defective installation and assembly not performed by the DC System.


When the delivery is modified without the knowledge and consent of DC systems, the DC System shall not be liable for the costs or consequential effects incurred and may also be considered as loose from any other obligation.


Inexpert treatment, unnatural wear, faulty installation and installation, not performed by the DC system, does not entitle the buyer to raise any claim against the DC system.


Complaints regarding visible or immediately noted faults must be in the DC System in writing immediately after the failure.

  1. Product liability


For damage to persons or things that are the result of defects or defects in delivered products and/or services, DC system shall be liable to the extent that the liability may be imposed on the DC system. However, DC System assumes no liability for operating losses, loss, loss or similar indirect losses.


However, DC System assumes no liability for loss of profits, loss of profit or other economic loss. The aforementioned limitations of the liability of DC system shall not apply in the case of gross negligence. If a third party claims against one of the parties on liability under this paragraph, that Party shall notify the other immediately.


The supplier and the buyer are mutually obliged to be sued in the court or arbitral tribunal which deals with claims for damages brought against one of them on the basis of an injury or loss allegedly caused by the supply.

  1. Disputes


Disputes are governed by the Danish law and dealt with by the DC system's jurisdiction in Denmark.