Spare Parts.

At DC-System we take pride in providing our customers with a fast and reliable service at competitive prices. We firmly believe the need within the refrigeration business rely upon service, every hour and every day of the year. To reach the highest level of reliability, we have built our organization on the following four pillars:

Global focus

DC-System is constantly expanding and adjusting its worldwide network of service- and spare part suppliers, in order to be able to “never say no” to customers. Through this philosophy, our company will supply all spares for refrigeration systems in every international location.

Stock availability

We constantly strive to have the right type and quantity of parts available from stock to serve the instant demands of our clients.  As a customer of our company, you can rest assure that we arrange supply of spare parts & services instantly.

Reliable supplier network

Since it is in the interest of DC-System to satisfy the customers before, during and after selling spares and services, we ensure to work with the most reliable supply channels in the world. Through years of experience of our procurement team, we are able to work with the best and most reliable suppliers.

Committed team of people

The core value of our organization is embedded in the people who make the daily operations of DC-System possible. Our team will always strive for the highest possible level of service, without focus on limitations, but possibilities.

We work closely with the Johnson Controls Industrial Compressor Service and Remanufacturing Centre in Holme/Denmark for repairing, rebuilding and remanufacturing of industrial refrigeration compressor blocks. The Johnson Controls ICSRC works on screw compressors as well as reciprocating compressors. The four main brands are Sabroe, Stal, Gram and Frick.

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