DC System Insulation is a well-run, Danish owned family business located in the North of Jutland, the region of Vesthimmerland in the town of Aars.

The company was founded in 1973 by the brothers Vagn and Villy Andersen and is now owned by Vagn Andersen’s sons Allan and John Andersen.

The overall objective of DC Systems is to operate a healthy and well-functioning company, and we believe in the old values, where credibility, accountability and flexibility achieve the best results in relation to our customers and partners.

At DC System we do our utmost to keep our promises and complete the task to the satisfaction of our customers.

The DC System aim at being a good workplace and an ethical, moral and socially responsible company who is able to attract and retain talented, dedicated employees who, at all levels, demonstrate cooperation, credibility and work diligently.