Since the establishment of the company in 1973, DC-Systems products have targeted the food industry. Coldrooms and freezer rooms are core products. We have always focused on density and insulation to contribute to the best operating economy.

If the freezing compartment is not air-tight, the energy consumption is too high, and at the same time there will be moist air through the assemblies, which creates icing in the freezing room. PU/PIR Foam has unsurpassed insulation, stability and water resistant properties. The latter is due to the foam consisting of closed cells, which does not allow the absorption of moisture. Stability strengthens by the use of embedded locks, which, after interlocking the individual panels, achieves a good disc effect while ensuring a tight assembly.

Cleaning in, for example, cold-rooms and production rooms is another well-known problem for food producers, but DC-System has solved it with the development of a hygiene panel that is fitted without the use of the traditional u-rail. The result is that trickling water runs down to the floor without hindrance, just as the so-called conventional milling is eliminated.

At the high-pressure flushing, the panels are subject to significant pressure on a daily basis, but this is taken into account by using a locked joint making it impossible to be squeezed out afterwards.

Well-thought-out construction for agriculture and industry

Our stable constructions and industrial buildings are well-considered and different from traditional constructions. This is particularly evident in the construction time and the prices are first-class.

To us it is very important to be involved as early as possible in the construction project, in order to be able to add the extra value to the project viewed in the light of our experience and qualifications. Before starting the construction, we review the contract and the timetable with the customer. Furthermore, it is the same project manager who follows the construction from the beginning to the delivery.

Our building tradition is the further development of a cold room, where the requirement for density and insulation is of great importance. We are known for constructing buildings with high insulation value and with very low maintenance costs.

The walls and ceilings are made of prefabricated sandwich panels with smooth surfaces that ensure optimal cleaning friendliness. This means that it is easy to practice good hygiene.