About DC-System

DC-System - we supply panels for your company

We are a 100% Danish, family-owned company. Since the early start in 1973, we have produced insulation panels for both Danish companies and companies abroad. The many years on the market have given us a lot of experience in our luggage – experience we use when we produce the panels.

Through generations, we strive to be a top-class workplace. We are a workplace where ethical, moral and social responsibility is taken, which helps to attract the strong staff we have in house.

At DC-System, we all do pur best. We collaborate in order to reach the goal with a product for a customer in the best possible way. Our overall drive is to run a healthy and well-functioning company. We are a company that believes in old values. Credibility and responsibility are high on our list, and our aim is, among other things, that our customers and business partners get the very best result.

We are AAA accredited. We are really proud of that, because a quality seal like this echoes our own vision and mission to be some of the best on the market.

Build with quality materials

A characteristic of DC-System is quality. We have a great deal of know-how in our field, and the uniform and high quality and great flexibility of the panels has been achieved through skilled craftsmanship and a thoroughly tested product that is based on extensive development work.

DC-System exports approx. 75% of the panels produced, as well as providing complete solutions for refrigeration equipment to the export market.

Our products are suitable for most types of construction because of their great flexibility. Since 1973, our focus has been that each product must be made with skilled craftsmanship and thorough testing.

The sandwich panels are CE approved according to Standard EN 14509.They have obtained a U-value that enables efficient control of heat / cold conditions in buildings where DC-System insulation panels are used. Regardless of what kind of construction is on the drawing board, panels can most likely be found with us.