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Housing construction
Facade cladding
Food production
Refrigerator and freezer room
Agricultural/industrial buildings
Special projects

Danish know-how and high quality
from one of the world's leading panel manufacturers

DC-System Insulation A/S is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of insulation panels. The panels are used for many purposes, from cold rooms, freezers, production rooms, stable buildings, facade cladding, house construction and for the very large and demanding special projects.

DC-System’s well-tried and thoroughly tested products, combined with the company’s many years of experience and know-how, ensure a stable business partner, whether it is small or large projects.

Like so many other manufacturers, we have a strong focus on sustainability. Therefore, of course, it also means something in our production of products. Among other things, our insulation is so-called PUR insulation. Here, efficiency goes hand in hand with quality. Read more about PUR insulation and sustainability on the page here.

Wide range of panels

At DC-System you will find a wide selection of panels – both for agriculture, the construction industry, cold and freezer rooms and much more. What they all have in common is the high quality. Whether you need thermal panels or insulation panels, you will find them with us.

With a lot of focus on the food industry, we have cold rooms and freezers as one of our core areas. a good cold/freezer room can easily pay off in the long run. Here you ensure that the room is properly insulated, so that the energy consumption will not be higher than necessary.

Good and durable floor panels are also an essential component in a building. At DC-System, we make insulated sandwich panels for floors. These can be produced in custom dimensions if there is a desire for this. We tailor the floors to the individual projects, so that every individual builder can have his wishes fulfilled.

Panels for construction - insulation that meets the requirements

The DC-panel is used for freezer rooms, cold rooms and process rooms, but is also suitable for stable construction, facades, freezer cabinets and ship insulation.

DC Thermopanel, the latest addition to DC’s product line, is targeted at builders who make demands on their insulation panels. The panel is particularly suitable for residential construction and for renovation and energy optimization of existing buildings.

In addition to being a manufacturer, DC-System today also handles tasks as both a total consultant and contractor.

DC-System exports approx. 75% of the panels produced, just as the company also supplies complete solutions for cooling equipment for the export market.

We are a 100% Danish-owned family business

For more than 45 years, the company has produced insulation panels for the Danish market as well as for export. Today, DC-System is considered one of the world leaders in panel production.

The uniform and high quality as well as great flexibility on the panels is achieved by skilled craftsmanship and a thoroughly tested product that is based on extensive development work and know-how.

The sandwich panels are CE approved according to Standard EN 14509 and have achieved a U-value, which makes it possible to effectively control heat/cold conditions in buildings where DC-System insulation panels have been used.

Thoughtful product development has made DC-Systems’ product range suitable for most types of construction.

We both produce, deliver and install the panels for your construction. In addition, we are also ready to help you with advice and guidance. We like to be involved from the early stages of a project, where we can be involved from start to finish with advice, panels and assembly.