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Housing construction
Facade cladding
Food production
Refrigerator and freezer room
Agricultural/industrial buildings
Special projects


DC-System Insulation A/S is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of insulation panels used in a wide range of applications, from cold rooms and production facilities to house construction and special projects. Our proven products, combined with decades of experience and expertise, make us a reliable partner, no matter the size of the project.


We emphasize sustainability in our production and therefore focus on quality and efficiency. Our insulation panels are made with PUR insulation, ensuring both high performance and environmental sustainability. Read more about our PUR insulation and sustainable solutions on this page here.

Wide range of panels

DC-System offers a comprehensive range of panels to meet the needs of agriculture, construction, cold storage and other industries. Whether it’s thermal panels or insulation panels, the quality is always top-notch.


We pay special attention to the food industry and offer high-quality, specialized cold room and freezer solutions. Investing in a well-insulated cold or freezer room can lead to significant long-term savings by minimizing energy consumption.


Durable floor panels are also essential for a successful build. At DC-System, we produce insulated sandwich panels for floors that can be customized to specific needs and dimensions. We tailor flooring solutions for individual projects so that each customer’s unique requirements and wishes are met.

Construction panels with insulation that satisfies specifications.

DC panels have a wide range of applications including freezer rooms, cold rooms and process rooms. Their versatility also extends to barn construction, facades, freezers and ship insulation.


DC Thermopanel is the latest addition to DC’s product line and is tailored for builders who place high demands on their insulation panels. This panel is particularly suitable for residential construction as well as for renovation and energy optimization of existing buildings.


In addition to being a manufacturer, DC-System today also acts as a turnkey consultant and contractor.


The company exports approximately 75% of the panels produced and also provides complete refrigeration equipment solutions for the export market.

We are a 100% Danish-owned family business

For more than 45 years, our team has dedicated itself to producing high-quality insulation panels for both domestic and export markets. Today, we are proud to be recognized as one of the world leaders in panel production at DC-System.

Our passion and expertise in creating consistent and versatile panels is the result of decades of craftsmanship and a continuous effort to refine our products through extensive research and know-how.

We are passionate about ensuring our sandwich panels meet the highest standards and are CE approved according to EN 14509. Their ability to achieve an optimal U-value allows for efficient management of heating and cooling conditions in buildings that benefit from our insulation solutions.

Our approach to product development is personal and meticulous, and we always strive to adapt our product range to different construction projects and needs.

We are more than just a manufacturer – we are your partner throughout the entire process. From production and delivery to installation, we are by your side. Our goal is not only to offer panels, but also advice and guidance that adds value and peace of mind to your construction projects. Let us be there from start to finish, contributing our expertise and commitment.