Panels for cold and freezer rooms

One of the most essential things when working with food is the fridge and freezer. These come in many different shapes and qualities. At DC-System, this is a core product area for us, and thus the quality is also at the very high end.

We have listened to and looked at the problems that can arise when you have a cold room or freezer room. This can consist of everything from energy consumption, moisture and tightness to cleaning.

Optimal solutions

An industrial cold room must of course be top notch. It must be close – both for the food and for the energy consumption. Moisture can also get into the cold room, which can be unsuitable for the food.

One of the most important things for us as a company is that we have good cooperation with our customers. Whether it is advice, guidance, delivery, installation or all in one package, we are ready to help.

Panels for cold and freezer rooms that meet the energy requirements

As the environment and energy consumption have become more and more talked about and in focus, we have of course also chosen to follow along. That is why we use materials that meet the standards. Below we have PUR insulation.

PUR insulation is optimal to insulate with, as it consists of a closed cell structure that i.a. ensures good heat resistance. It is an enormously effective insulating material, which is of course essential when it comes to insulating cold and freezer rooms.

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