Refrigerator and freezer room

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Products aimed at the food industry

Since the establishment of the company in 1973 DC-System’s products have been aimed at the food industry. Cold rooms and freezers are a core product area, where we have always focused on tightness and insulation in order to contribute to the best operating economy.

If the freezer is not tight, the energy consumption will be too high, and at the same time there will be moist air through the joints, which leads to ice formation in the freezer compartment. PU/PIR foam has unrivaled insulation, stability and water resistance properties. The latter is because the foam consists of closed cells, which does not enable the absorption of moisture. The stability is strengthened by means of cast-in locks, whereby after locking the individual panels a good disc effect is achieved and at the same time a tight joint is ensured.

Cleaning in e.g. cold rooms and production rooms are another well-known problem for food producers, but DC-System has solved this with the development of a hygiene panel that is installed without using the traditional u-rail. The result of this is that seeping water can run down to the floor unhindered, just as the so-called backflow is eliminated.

Thoughtful construction for agriculture and industry

Our stable construction and industrial construction are well thought out and differ from traditional construction. This is particularly evident in the construction time and the prices, which are in a class of their own.

We attach great importance to being involved as early as possible in the construction project, so based on our experience and skills can add extra value to the project. Before starting the construction, we review the contract and the schedule together with the customer, just as it is the same project manager who follows the construction from start to handover.

Our construction tradition is the further development of a cold room, where the requirement for tightness and insulation is of great importance. We are known for constructing buildings with a high insulation value and with very low maintenance costs.

Walls and ceilings are made of prefabricated sandwich panels with smooth surfaces that ensure optimal ease of cleaning. This means that it is easy to practice good hygiene.

Sustainable solutions within panels</h2 >

Whatever the need, at DC-System we have a solution that covers it. Go hunting in our solutions within panels, where you are guaranteed to find exactly what you are looking for. Regardless of whether it is within standard panels, floor panels, roof panels, wall panels or ceiling panels, we meet the need and ensure that you get a good and durable solution.

At the same time, you are guaranteed panels that dissipate heat in the most efficient way , and which meets all energy requirements. Our solutions also extend to assembly, and we offer e.g. DC Sealant, which ensures a tight seal of the panels.