DC – Post Insulation panel – PU/PIR/mineral

Application: After insulation of existing homes, which must subsequently be finished with a plaster.

Assembly: Built-in locking system that ensures quick assembly.

Tried and tested: Over 10 years, the panel has been thoroughly tested in many different contexts and degrees of difficulty.

Insulation: The PU/PIR foam insulates 60% better than mineral wool, does not absorb water.

Fire: Inquire about the many options.

Sustainability: Panels with PU/PIR foam could be reused even after many years as the insulation remains intact.

Panel thickness Weight kg/m2 U-value W/M2K
100 mm 11 0,26
125 mm 12 0,2
150 mm 13 0,16
175 mm 14 0,14
200 mm 15,1 0,12
225 mm 16,1 0,11
250 mm 17,1 0,1
Production tolerances According to EN14509
Production measures Width: 1200 mm – Length: Max 3000 mm
Fire approval K1 10 B-S1, d0 with plaster system
Sound attenuation Contact DC-System for information
Tension table Contact DC-System or see it at www.dc-system.dk
Insulation PU/PIR foam and 30 mm mineral wool
Surfaces Mineral wool on the front and foam on the back
Assembling The panels are supplied with cast-in eccentric locks
Color Mineral wool
Other things Need more information – contact DC-System. DC-System can, if desired, be helpful with measurement

DC's Post Insulation Panels: Efficiency and Environmental Considerations in Harmony

DC’s PU/PIR/mineral wool retrofit insulation panel with locks is not only an effective solution for retrofitting existing homes, but it’s also an environmentally friendly choice suitable for various industries. Our panels are designed with sustainability in mind and meet strict standards for energy efficiency and environmental performance, making them suitable for a wide range of industries.

Not only are our panels designed to deliver exceptional insulation properties, but they are also manufactured with materials and production processes that minimize environmental impact.

This makes them ideal for various industries, including:
  • Construction: The post-insulation panels are suitable for renovation projects in residential as well as commercial buildings.
  • Real estate development: By choosing our panels, developers can improve the energy efficiency and value of their buildings.
  • Facilities management: These panels enable upgrading the insulation performance of existing buildings, which can reduce energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Renovation and restoration: The panels are ideal for renovating older buildings and historic structures where preserving the character of the building is important.
  • Sustainable construction: With a focus on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, our panels contribute to sustainable construction and green initiatives.
Product specifications:
  • Material: PU/PIR and mineral wool
  • Application: Retrofitting existing homes
  • Construction: Super-insulated and slim panels
  • Exterior: Mineral wool, ready for direct plastering of the facade
  • Locking system: Safe and simple locking mechanism with locking key
  • Sustainability: Meets energy efficiency and environmental performance requirements


With DC’s PU/PIR/mineral wool retrofit insulation panels with locks, you not only get an effective solution to improve your home’s energy efficiency and comfort, but you also choose a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution that suits various industries and contributes to a greener future.

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