DC – Thermopanel – Wall

Application: DC – The thermal panel is used as a load-bearing structure in homes up to 2 floors. If the panel is mounted on a load-bearing structure, it can be used up to the upper deck of 9.6 m.

Assembly: Built-in locking system that ensures a tight assembly that also contributes to stability.

Tried and tested: Over 10 years, the panel has been thoroughly tested in many different contexts and degrees of difficulty.

Vapor barrier: Vapor barrier is built into the panel.

Wind barrier: Wind barrier is built into the panel.

Mould, fungus: The panel cannot contribute to mold and fungus formation

Insulation: The PU/PIR foam insulates 60% better than mineral wool, does not absorb water.

Fire: REI 30, BS1Do, MK.

Construction time: Walls on an ordinary detached house are erected in 2-3 days.

Sustainability: Panels with PU/PIR foam could be reused even after many years, as the insulation remains intact.

Panel type Core thickness U-value W/M2K Weight kg/m2 Min. Fire resistance
200 mm* 160 0,14 60,4 EI 30*
225 mm 185 0,12 61,4 REI 30
250 mm 210 0,11 62,4 REI 30
Production tolerances According to EN14509
Production measures Weight kg/m2 Min.
Fire approval REI 30
Sound attenuation Up to 38 dB
Tension table Contact DC-System or see it at www.dc-system.dk
Insulation PU/PIR foam
Surfaces The panels are supplied with 20 mm cement-based chipboard on both sides
Assembling The panels are supplied with cast-in eccentric locks that ensure easy installation
Color The panel is supplied with raw, uncoloured cement-based chipboard
Other things Need more information – contact DC-System. DC-System can, if desired, be helpful with measurement

DC Thermopanel: Effective Insulation for Residential Walls

DC’s Thermopanel with locks is the ideal choice for residential walls that require optimal insulation and space saving. This panel offers exceptional insulation properties, resulting in slim exterior walls and extra interior space in the home. With a minimal risk of mould and fungus thanks to the absence of organic materials, this panel ensures a healthy and durable living environment.

By using DC Thermopanel, you actively contribute to the green transition as the carbon footprint per square metre is minimal. The panels also enable fast construction of closed buildings, minimising the risk of building moisture in other materials. Compared to traditional external walls (brick + insulation + brick), this panel provides 46% thinner walls, creating more space and efficient utilisation of living space.

DC Thermopanel can be used as the main system in buildings up to two storeys. If another non-combustible main system is used, DC Thermopanel can be used up to 9.6 metres in height. The panels are designed not to absorb moisture and, when properly installed, create an airtight seal for optimal insulation performance.

Installation is simple, applying sealant to the edges of the panels and then locking them by turning the locking key in the locking hole. Any excess sealant can be easily removed and the holes sealed with additional sealant. DC Thermopanel not only ensures effective insulation, but also a seamless installation process and durable results.

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