DC – PU/PIR insulation panel – floor

Application: Floors for freezer tunnels.

Assambly: Built-in locking system that ensures a tight vapor barrier, prevents water/dirt and bacteria in joints.

Insulation: The PU/PIR foam insulates 60% better than mineral wool, does not absorb water.

Tried and tested: Over 20 years, the panel has been thoroughly tested in many different contexts and degrees of difficulty.

Sustainability: Panels with PU/PIR foam could be reused even after many years as the insulation remains intact.

Panel thickness Weight kg/m2 U-value W/M2K U-value EN 13165 W/M2K
97-225 mm 23,0-27,5 0,22-0,10 0,24-0,11
Production tolerances According to EN14509
Production measures Width: 1200 mm – Length: max 8800 mm
Fire approval Contact DC-System for information
Sound attenuation Contact DC-System for information
Tension table Contact DC-System or see it at www.dc-system.dk
Insulation PU/PIR foam
Surfaces The panel can be supplied with cement-based chipboard and stainless steel plate. If your company has other wishes to surface, there is also the possibility of this
Assembling The panel is supplied with cast-in eccentric locks
Color Depends on which surface the panel is delivered with
Other things Need more information – contact DC-System. DC-System can, if desired, be helpful with measurement

Effective floor insulation for freezing tunnels

The DC – PU/PIR insulation panel is tailor-made for freezer tunnels and similar environments, with multiple surface choices and customization options for embedded reinforcements that ensure load-bearing capacity for heavy machinery. The sloped shape ensures quick drainage, important for hygiene, while the panel’s 97 mm thickness at the lowest point, increasing by 15.6 mm per meter, effectively directs cleaning water towards the drain, facilitating cleaning and ensuring a hygienic environment.

The panel is secured tightly with sealant and locking mechanism, and the surfaces can be customized as needed. The materials are sustainable, with a focus on recyclability and environmentally friendly production methods, reducing the overall environmental footprint. This insulation panel thus combines efficiency, durability and sustainability, ideal for industrial use.

Product specifications:

The PU/PIR insulation panel ensures efficient thermal insulation in freezing tunnels, reducing energy consumption and maintaining a stable temperature for the stored goods. The panel offers various surface finishes and has molded-in reinforcements that allow heavy machinery to be installed without risk of damage. The slanted design facilitates drainage and cleaning, minimizing the risk of bacterial growth and maintaining high hygiene standards. Thanks to a simple installation process with a locking mechanism and sealant, a solid seal is achieved, effectively protecting the freezer tunnel environment.


The panel’s effective thermal insulation reduces the need for constant heating or cooling of the freezer tunnel, improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions. This is combined with the panel’s durability, resulting in fewer replacements and less waste. The materials are recyclable and production prioritizes sustainable methods to minimize environmental impact. Certifications such as LEED confirm the panel’s sustainability credentials, making it an eco-friendly solution with a focus on performance and sustainability.

Combining high performance with sustainability features, this insulation panel offers an eco-friendly and economical solution for freezing tunnels and similar industrial applications.

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