DC – PU/PIR Insulation Panels – Roof

Application: Finished roof on industrial and agricultural buildings.

Assembly: The roof panel is assembled with an overlap in the upper steel plate.

Tried and tested: Over 20 years, the panel has been thoroughly tested in many different contexts and degrees of difficulty.

Insulation: The PU/PIR foam insulates 60% better than mineral wool, does not absorb water.

Fire: Inquire about the many options.

Sustainability: Panels with PU/PIR foam could be reused even after many years as the insulation remains intact.

Panel type Core thickness U-value W/M2K acc. EN 12667 U-value W/M2K acc EN 14509 Weight kg/m2
DP 72 30 0,6 0,73 11,4
DP 82 40 0,46 0,57 11,8
DP 92* 50 0,38 0,46 12,2
DP 102 60 0,32 0,39 12,6
DP 122 80 0,24 0,3 13,4
DP 142 100 0,2 0,24 14,5
DP 162 120 0,17 0,2 15,2
DP 182 140 0,14 0,17 16
DP 202 160 0,13 0,15 16,8
Production tolerances According to EN 14509
Production measures Width: 1000 mm – Length: Max 21.5 m (extra long transport is necessary over 13.6 m length)
Fire approval According to EN13501-1, Euroclass B-s2, d0
Sound attenuation 25 dB (applies to all thicknesses)
Tension table Contact DC-System or see it at www.dc-system.dk
Insulation PU/PIR foam
Surfaces Galvanized steel plate, 0.6 mm outside/0.5 mm inside, coated with 25 my polyester varnish. ATTENTION! The protective film on the panel must be removed no later than 10 weeks after the production date
Assembling The panels are delivered with external overlap and internal tongue and groove assembly
Color The panel is delivered as standard grey/white RAL 9002
Other things Need other information – contact DC-System. DC-System can, if desired, be helpful with measurement

Innovative Insulation for Diverse Construction

DC’s insulation panels are an advanced solution created to fulfill a wide spectrum of building needs. Made from PU/PIR, these panels offer not only effective thermal insulation and noise reduction, but also fire safety and sustainability. Their easy installation and versatile mounting options make them the ideal choice for industrial and agricultural projects that require reliable and energy-efficient insulation.

Industrial Buildings:

DC’s PU/PIR insulation panels are an ideal solution for industrial and agricultural buildings and other commercial structures. Their quick and easy installation makes them perfect for projects where efficiency and reliability are key. These panels can be mounted on various substructures including wood, steel and concrete, providing versatility for any industrial construction project.

Agricultural sector:

In the agricultural sector, where robustness and reliability are essential, DC’s insulation panels are the perfect choice. Their ability to create an effective thermal barrier helps maintain optimal conditions in agricultural buildings, regardless of the weather conditions outside. This makes them a versatile solution for any agricultural facility, especially on roof structures.

Sustainability and Energy:

DC’s insulation panels contribute not only to thermal comfort, but also to sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings. By minimizing heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, the panels reduce the need for heating and cooling, lowering energy consumption and CO2 emissions. This makes them an environmentally friendly choice that helps create greener buildings and more sustainable communities.

Product specifications:
  • Material: PU/PIR insulation
  • Installation: Easy installation on rafters with through-going sandwich screws
  • Suitable for all types of substructures: wood, steel or concrete
  • Joining technique: tongue and groove and overlap to ensure a tight connection.


Whatever your industry and specific needs, DC insulation panels offer a reliable and versatile solution for a wide range of building projects. Contact us today to discover how our panels can enhance your next construction with a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency.

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