DC – Renovation panel

Application: Environments where high demands are placed on hygiene, including the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry.

Assembly: DC – Renovation panels are jointed and pushed together. The panel is delivered with only steel plate on the visible surface, which provides a very cheap renovation.

Tried and tested: Over 30 years, the panel has been thoroughly tested in many different contexts and degrees of difficulty.

Panel thickness Weight kg/m2 U-value W/M2K U-value EN 13165 W/M2K
22 mm 5 1,75 1,75
Production tolerances EN 14509
Production measures Width: 1200 mm – Length: Max 3000 mm and can then be assembled to the desired length
Fire approval Contact DC-System for information
Sound attenuation Contact DC-System for information
Tension table Contact DC-System or see it at www.dc-system.dk
Insulation Polystyrene
Surfaces Trapezoidal, galvanized steel sheet, coated with 25 my polyester varnish or 200 my plastisol, alternatively stainless steel
Assembling Shock assembly
Color The panel is delivered as standard grey/white RAL 9002
Other things Need more information – contact DC-System. DC-System can, if desired, assist with measurement

Efficient and Sustainable Interior Renovation Solution

The Renovation Panel offers an effective solution for interior renovation in buildings such as dairies and abattoirs, where strict hygiene requirements and easy-to-clean surfaces are paramount. This panel consists of a trapezoidal steel sheet with a glued-on 20 mm polystyrene sheet, which not only ensures durability but also helps to optimise space utilisation. This combination of materials results in a space-saving panel that fulfils the highest standards of hygiene.

The product specifications of the renovation panel are carefully adapted to its application. The trapezoidal profiled steel sheet ensures stability and strength, while the polystyrene sheet adds insulating properties and provides some shock absorption. This construction makes the panel suitable for use in the interior of buildings where the existing surface is damaged or does not meet hygiene and cleaning standards.

In addition to its technical properties, the renovation panel also has a sustainable dimension. By improving and reusing existing building surfaces, it reduces the need for materials and resources that would normally be required in a traditional renovation process. This helps to minimise the overall environmental impact and supports the principles of sustainable development.

Overall, DC’s renovation panel represents an integrated solution that combines functionality with sustainability. Its versatility and focus on high standards of hygiene make it an ideal choice for buildings that require optimised interior surfaces.

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