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High Quality Barn Buildings

Stable buildings come in many different shapes and sizes. Our core area is panel solutions for, among other things, industrial construction and agricultural construction – therefore we have a lot of knowledge in the field and can help with several projects.

When we supply elements for a stable building, we do not necessarily only supply the panels. We can also deliver and install the steel structures themselves, the doors, windows and gutters, so that you are left with a finished stable building when we finish our work.

When you need to start your construction project, we can be on the sidelines almost from day one. We can advise and help you in the planning process, and when it comes to finding the panels, we are at home. Our highly insulated sandwich panels are optimal for barn buildings, as they can ensure a constant temperature for the animals that live in the barns.

Let us help you find the most optimal products for your particular building. With your requirements and needs in mind, we find the best solution for you and your stable building. If you have any questions about any of our products or about any construction projects, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone:
98 62 42 00 or mail:

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