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House construction in Denmark and Greenland

We are one of the world leaders in panel production. With our knowledge and know-how, we can help you with several different housing developments. When a residential building is to be designed, there are several factors that must be considered.

One of these considerations can be, for example, what are the requirements for the materials that must be used in the construction. In line with the increased initiatives in relation to sustainability and the environment, we have of course followed. Our insulation is, for example, PUR insulation, which has a low thermal conductivity, which means that the houses are very well insulated, which can ultimately be seen in the lower heating bill.

We export to more than a hundred countries and developing us all the time. With our finger on the pulse and continuous innovation of products and elements, we can constantly meet the customers’ needs and wishes.

Many of the buildings we have helped produce panels for and erect can be found both in Denmark and in Greenland. Here it’s everything from a cultural center with DC-Thermopanels in Greenland to apartments with both optimal use of space and low energy consumption on Bornholm.

Total consultant and contractor

As both total consultant and general contractor, we can help you with exactly your house construction. For several projects that we have been involved in, there have been requests for low energy consumption. This is met with our insulation panels, which meet all requirements.

One of the advantages of the walls we can supply is that there is a unique locking system, which also ensures tight joints between the panels. In this way, the building can be insulated optimally, while the construction can be completed more quickly and ready for the next step in the process.

Should we help you create good – and well insulated – frameworks for your next construction? We are experts in our field, and with our knowledge and know-how we can help you achieve your construction goals – whether it’s just ordering panels or both advice, delivery and installation, we can help.</ p>

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