Special projects

Here is a selection of our projects within Special projects
Elephant facility for Knuthenborg Safaripark
Project AROS
Project Nomeco
Thermal panels for Denmark’s first zero-energy office building

From plant to waterworks

Facade elements can be produced for several different types of projects – special projects included. Facades and roofs for projects in a larger format must fit the individual projects.

Special projects in the form of, for example, facilities for animals can be a project we can handle. With the highly insulated sandwich panels, it is possible to maintain a constant temperature for the animals, which can be very important.

The projects can be big or small – and the most important thing is that the individual parts are in order and in good condition quality. Both the functionality itself must be top notch, and of course it must also look nice. We provide both parts in close cooperation with our customer.

The sandwich panels that are used for the constructions are CE approved. The panels can be used for several different types of construction, whether it is a stable, facade or cold room, we have developed high-quality panels for this.

Build with the future in mind

A new building is always exciting. When all thoughts and ideas have been thought through, it is time to start construction. With many years of experience, we are ready to help you with your special project.

The new construction will always be based on the current needs and requirements you may have. With a future-proof building, there will be opportunities to build on if needs change in the course of a few decades.

Should we help you with your next building project? Please contact us if you have any questions or queries. Since 1973 we have been producing panels and for just as long we have been developing and learning more and more in our field.

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