DC- PU/PIR insulation panel with fire class MK

Application: Environments where high demands are placed on hygiene, including the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry, and where there is also a fire requirement for Class 1 (MK)

Tried and tested: Over 45 years, the panel has been thoroughly tested in many different contexts and degrees of difficulty.

Assambly: Built-in locking system that ensures a tight vapor barrier, prevents water/dirt and bacteria in joints. Gives great disc effect in walls and ceilings which in turn minimizes costs for bearing steel.

Insulation: The PU/PIR foam insulates 60% better than mineral wool, does not absorb water.

Fire: Inquire about the many options

Sustainability: Panels with PU/PIR foam could be reused even after many years, as the insulation remains intact.

Panel thickness Weight kg/m2 U-value W/M2K U-value EN 13165 W/M2K
60 mm 11,8 0,35 0,37
80 mm 12,5 0,27 0,29
100 mm 13,2 0,22 0,24
125 mm 14,1 0,17 0,19
150 mm 15 0,15 0,17
175 mm 15,8 0,13 0,14
200 mm 16,7 0,11 0,13
225 mm 17,6 0,1 0,11
Production tolerances According to EN14509
Production measures Width: 1200 mm | Length: 8800 mm
Fire approval According to EN 13501-1, Euroclass D-s3, d1
Sound attenuation 25 dB (depending on frequency and thickness)
Tension table Contact DC-System or see it at www.dc-system.dk
Insulation PU/PIR foam
Surfaces 0.55 mm galvanized steel sheet on both sides – surface is 25 my polyester varnish. Possibility of alternative surface coatings, such as PVC Food Safe and plastisol. Can also be supplied with stainless steel plate.
Assembling The panels are supplied with tongue and groove joints and eccentric locks, which are embedded in the foam. This ensures a very tight assembly.
Color The panel is delivered as standard grey/white RAL 9002. If other colors are desired – contact DC-System.
Other things Need more information — contact DC-System. DC-System can, if desired, be helpful with measurement

A well-tested insulation panel which is approved as class 1 cladding

DC – PU/PIR insulation panel with fire class MK is primarily used inside buildings and is particularly useful in refrigeration/freezers, the food industry, storage and stable buildings, as a wall/ceiling, and where high demands are made on insulation and surface coating, and where at the same time is a requirement for a fire class 1 surface (MK). The panel has particularly good insulating properties and has a built-in vapor barrier.

Sealant is applied to the edge of the panels, after which they are pushed together and locked by turning the locking key in the locking hole. The excess sealant is scraped away with the bottom of the silicone tube, and the hole is closed with the enclosed plug.

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